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Academic Science Links

Alternative Social Media Sites

Archive Dump Sites

Art Links

BBS Links

Book Links

Computer Based Art Sites

Cool GitHub Pages

Coreboot / Libreboot Links

Demoscene Art Links

DOS (DOS games, DOSBox, DOSBox Frontends, Abandonware, etc.)

Earth-Based Data (Weather, Maps, GPS, Flight Patterns, Topography, etc.)

"Edutainment" Browser Sites

Electronics Links

Email Services Sites

  • https://10minutemail.com/ - Site that allows you to utilize a temporary email address to signup for bloated web app sites that require emails, which destroys itself in 10 mins

Emacs Links

Emulation (ROMs, Emulators, ROM hacking, etc.)

File Hosting Sites

Gaming Links

Geocities, Angelfires, Old-School Web Links


Lossless Music Blogs

Media Sites

Music Software Links


Prepper Survivalist Links

Radio (Web Radio, Ham Radio, ISS Space Station, etc.), Space, Satellites, and Data (Weather, etc.)


RICING Linux Desktop Links

Sheet Music Links

Tech Links

Typing Links

Useful Open Source / Selfhosted Software (Linux, BSD, Freeware, etc)

Useful Web Apps And Utilities

Vim Links

VoIP Services Links (For Home Phone)

Web Design Links

Webhosting Sites

Wiki Sites

  • https://wiki.c2.com/ - Original Wiki. It's not Wikipedia, so many things are different. And focuses way more on tech and programming than the general purpose Wikipedia.

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