Someone Hackintoshed macOS Big Sur onto a custom-built handheld computer

When it comes to porting software to unusual platforms, it’s often a question of “can I do it” rather than “is it practical.” Doom on an Ikea smart lamp? Sure. Skyrim on Alexa? Why not? How about macOS Big Sur on a pocket PC? Yep.

YouTuber T Sanglay Jr (iketsj) posted a video on Monday showing how he installed Big Sur on a handheld computer. Running macOS on a tiny screen with a compact keyboard is not optimal for using Apple’s operating system, but it’s still pretty cool.

However, it was not an off-the-shelf device. It uses an Arduino Leonardo microcontroller board, 8GB RAM, and a 240GB SSD. Sanglay cobbled it together using a LattePanda Alpha SBC (single board computer) with an Intel Core m3 processor and a custom 3D-printed chassis.

As far as Hackintoshes are concerned, it’s pretty neat but far from practical. Sanglay even jokingly admits that it’s not the best application for macOS.

“Maybe you’ll say that the handheld macOS is not practical, yada yada yada. Well, sure, you’re right. I just want to make one for myself,” he said.

He also said it cost him more than an M1 Mac Mini to make, so it’s not likely you’ll see too many other people DIYing one of these.