Future Projects

Name Of Project Programming Platform(s) Description
Borough Wars Android / Apple iOS Users will be able to compare borough-wide data on why their NYC borough rules. Topics include best food, landmarks, music venues, etc.
This Day In Queens NY Webscraper Python This will be a Python based webscraper that will locate and repost a cool Queens NY event that happened on this day in history to highlight the great things that the borough has given to the world.
Let's Create App Android / Apple iOS Users will be able to create new ideas through the power of suggested words and themes that will appear on screen through cloud bubbles, which will result in an immersive collaborative fun experience.
Beatbox The Weather Webscraper Python Users will have their current location's weather beatboxed to them via MIDI, and sent to their e-mail to be played back whenever they would like.
Middleman App Android / Apple iOS Users will be able to access current NYC rooms in a safer, and secure way than Craigslist, without the need of huge fees from real estate brokers.

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