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This is a webpage that discusses the history of Emacs, and its customization ability.

Richard Stallman, the patron saint and co-creator of Emacs.


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Features Of Emacs

Screenshot of Emacs that shows multiple panes to access an OS's file manager, shell, text editor, and more!

Emacs is a text editor by default, but be used to format and print documents when interfaced with external programs like LaTeX (prounounced "La-Tech"), Ghostscript, or a web browser. It is also able to display words, sentences, paragraphs, and source code. It also supports user-created keyboard macros by allowing users to edit the "emacs.el" file.

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Useful Extensions For Emacs That Are Not Present In Other Editors

Emacs Is Not Vim

Game: Find The Coordinates Where Richard Stallman Is Pointing!

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